Monday, January 4, 2010

Visit Barb Over at the Handbook of Nature Study

Please visit Barb over at the Handbook of Nature Study. Barb pours a lot of time and love into her blog, and she is a true Charlotte Mason of the 21st century. While over there, you will notice she has some lovely eBooks for sale, which can enhance your homeschooling over these chilly winter months! And if you leave her a comment on her page, you will be entered to win one of her lovely new eBooks!

Happy New Year...and Prizes??? Oh my!!!

Happy 2010, my dear friends, readers, family, etc. !! It has been too long since I last posted about any homeschool or family events. The holidays consume so much time, but that's okay because the time consumed is well worth the fond memories made. :o)

More about those memories made in a future post. I must get the first day of school, 2010 started ASAP!!!

While you're taking a break, please hop on over to the new and improved, The Homeschool Classroom, at and check out their new website and enter to win some awesome prizes!!! Prizes include items from Math-U-See, Winter Promise, Nintendo, and more!!

Until next post, be productive, happy, joyful, and living in a way that's pleasing to our Lord. :o)