Monday, April 8, 2013

On This Glorious Homeschool Journey: Review and Giveaway!!! Doorposts Newest Book!!!

Visualize the beauty of spring.  Beautiful fields of newly bloomed flowers.  Trees green, as far as the eyes can see.  Sunny days, with perhaps an occasional rainbow or two.  We too, can be refreshed as the beauty of spring...if we seek Him!

Dear Mama:

When is the last time you've refreshed your soul with the only Food that satisfies our pangs of hunger?  Do you feel flustered, weary, spiritually empty?  You're not alone...I've been there too...all too many times.

I want to share quickly with you.  I'm not sure what your circumstances may be...your hurts...your worries...the path in which you've walked in this life.  Trust me...I know hurt, as many if not all of you do.  This I do know:  Christ is our everything!  Life is busy and messy.  However, we must carve out some time to give our souls the Daily Bread we need. 

Introducing a fabulous resource from Doorposts, a company that I've trusted for several years now!  

I just want to begin by saying that I adore Pam Forster, a veteran homeschool mama, and a woman after God's heart!  Pam has inspired me for several years!  She loves the Lord, and you can see by the books she has written (and this one in particular) that she seeks Him, and loves to share Him with other busy mamas.  Even though I've never met Pam (I really want to), she is a dear sister-in-Christ to me!  

Let me take you on sort of a tour of the book.  Pam first of all, gives you all the the "tools" needed to make Bible study a real thing that CAN happen in 5 minute chunks.  She literally holds you by the hand, and takes you easily step by step, day by day, encouraging you along the way AND giving clear and explicit instructions!  Sounds easy, right?  Well it really is...but you must be willing to do the work.  But it doesn't feel like work...I actually got excited on this new endeavor!

  • Day by day instructions given clearly.

  • Catch up days (yes, Pam gives you much grace if you fall behind)!

  • Suggested ways to mark your Bible effectively.

  • Introduction to using other resources, such as online Bible commentaries, etc.

  • Ideas on including your dear children in your studies...and more!!!
Want to win your own copy???

Doorposts has very generously and kindly given one of my readers a chance to win a copy! (choice of print, PDF, or Kindle edition, but print books can only be mailed to US addresses)

Contests ends at 12:00AM 15 April 2013.  Winner will be contacted via email.  Sorry, no reply bloggers or anonymous replies, please!  Winner must reply within 48 hours, or I reserve the right to draw another name.  Thank you kindly!

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Full Disclosure:  I was give a complimentary copy in advance to review.  I only review products that I feel are in line with my faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I wish to glorify the Lord with an honest review.  In no way was my opinion swayed by other persons.  Thank you! :)