Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Evan!

Evan turned six years old yesterday!  Praise the Lord!!!

He was born around 0630 at Lackland AFB, TX and he weighed in at 7lbs. 4oz (the same as his mommy and his big brother Ethan), on 21 Oct 2005.

Little did I know how different this little guy would be from his big brother.  How naive I was...thinking ALL babies were the same!  Let's just say that this sweet boy was momma's challenge.  Little did I know why this would end up being a wonderful quality!

I remember when Evan was around 6 months old (and crawling) he found a Glade Plug in scented oil doo hickey.  Yeah, by the time I realized he had it, he was trying to ingest the liquid!  YIKES!!!  From that moment on, life changed forever because:  a.  child-proofing wasn't needed with Ethan,  b.  Evan broke through child-proof barriers before big brother,  c.  Evan had quite the "where there's a will, there's a way"  attitude.

I will not lie, I questioned God many times why He would give me such a challenging child!  Of course, I've always loved my Evan, equally the same as my Ethan.  But of course, I was about to pull my hair out at times because Evan was almost always a step or two ahead of momma! 

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, and the answer occurred to me...God knew that Ethan would leave us at a young age to be with Him.  He knew that to keep the laughter and life alive in our home, we would need a strong leader and energetic child to keep us sane.  I thank the Lord (and I know Josh does too) for this ball of energy called Evan!  He is kind, sweet, godly, thoughtful, ornery, very active, inquisitive, busy-bodied, rambunctious, helpful, an initiative taker...and I could go on and on.  What I am trying to say is that what appears to us as a negative personality trait can indeed be a blessing in disguise.  We must find the positive in each situation.  God didn't make a mistake when He created rambunctious children.  It's up to us a parents to channel that energy into a positive.

I am thankful that the Lord blessed us with a child who is so vibrant and strong-willed! 

Happy Birthday Evan!!!  I love you so much. :o)