Monday, August 13, 2012

His Adopted Family

Evan truly loves anything nature!  Often, he refers to it as God's Creation, and he is right...God created all of the wonderful things outside for us to enjoy.

We had a delightful pet turtle that Josh found on the side of a country rode on his way home from work one day.  She (yes, we found out from the shape of her shell she was indeed a girl) was just a common land turtle, but the biggest we had ever seen!  She was so gentle and kind and never snapped once at any of us.  Evan took her for rides in his shopping cart and dump truck!  Sadly, she passed away about three weeks ago.  Evan was absolutely crushed.  We all loved Laura.

Underneath and beside our outside air conditioning unit lives a family of frogs.  Evan has adopted them, and goes to see them each morning when he rises and checks on them at night before bedtime.  Today I captured     a few photos of Daddy Frog with Evan.  We got a good laugh this morning when Daddy Frog wet all over Evan's hands!

Nature is a child's classroom.  We must give our children the opportunity to get out in His Creation, to give them the passion and love of outdoors.  The way I see it, there are so many learning opportunities for them out in the wide open spaces.  This early in their life, no set science curriculum is really needed because they can learn so much from observing their surroundings.  One need not live on a farm or on a huge plot of land to become intrigued with Creation.  A city park will do just fine.  But we must consistently expose them to the outdoors and the elements, or the passion to love nature will never be ignited.  Make it a point to get out with your kids daily and see what beauty awaits you all!


Katie said...

I'm so sorry Laura passed. Evan is an awesome boy and loves everything God has created. One day we will make his wife and children very happy with his love for God and the things God has provided us to see and learn from. My God continue to grow Evan's love.

Kerry Beck said...

Thanks for stopping by How To Homeschool My Child earlier this month. I"m a bit late catching up with our visitors.

You are so right about "getting out". Too often moms spend most of their time inside, tied to curriculum. We have 3 cute kittens that are 4 weeks old. Everyone loves watching them.