Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When Mom is Feeling Yucky

I suspect there isn't one homeschooling mom who is ALWAYS healthy and feeling super every day! Well, fall is here and so is the flu and other yucky junk. Yes, I have some junk...probably just a sinus infection, but it's taking forever to get over. As one who doesn't tun to the doc to get meds, it sometimes takes me a bit longer to get back to normal the "natural" way.

With that said, I have NO motivation. I don't want to school the boys; I just want to lounge and do NOTHING!!! But I have pressed myself to carry on since we took over almost 2 weeks in September due to moving and vacation. Time off=guilt. You ever feel that way? That is you aren't schooling your children at home in your own traditional way that you've somehow fallen short on your duty as a teacher? That's me right now!

Josh told me yesterday that teachers get sick too and take time off. Hum...hubby's are smart, aren't they?

Anyway, for any of you moms out there that feel guilty when you take time off or are sick...don't. And I will keep trying to tell myself that!

Until next time, smile and be blessed! I have a ton of pics and updates, but not time to post on that.