About Us and Why I Write

Howdy, and welcome to my blog!  I'm glad you found my little piece of the internet where I write about:  grief, homeschooling, Jesus, being a momma, fieldtrips, family vacations, trying to walk with the Lord, witnessing to the lost, drowning prevention, etc.

I'm married to a really smart, giving, honest, and hardworking man!  Together, we have our two sons, Ethan and Evan.  And we have a vizsla (dog) named Peaty whom we adore.  We are country people by nature (think Little House on the Prairie!), but are adapting to live in close quarters in a foreign land.  

June 5, 2010 was a day that forever changed our family.  Our 7 year old son died tragically in a water-related accident.  I truly believe that the Lord never allows anything to happen that you cannot handle.  These past two years have been a testimony to His promises.  Oh, it's been a very long, sad, and HARD road.  But we have survived and thrived...only because of Him.

I feel as though blogging IS my ministry at this very difficult season of life.  What I write is from the heart.  It's for real.  I write because God gives my heart things that are important, and I believe that my loss is not just a loss, but that good can come from utter tragedy.  That I can glorify my Father in Heaven and honor my son's memory by helping others in their time of need.  

I thank you for taking the time to stop by, and I hope that you will come back.  Can you promise me that you will invite a friend or two?  Especially a grieving friend who has lost a child?  My momma heart wants to help other bereaved mommas.

God bless!

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