Monday, May 29, 2017

Seven Years Lived, and Seven Years Home

So much time has lapsed since I last wrote a word on this blog.  My mind is filled with many thoughts.  I think I'm a writer at heart like John-boy Walton (Earl Hamner), the star of my favorite show, The Walton's.  But writing on here, I've just not done.  Much time has passed.  We moved overseas two plus years ago.  It was a BIG disappointment and "bummer" for our small family of three.  I mean that.  We GRIEVED moving from our beautiful Texas country home to a foreign land, living on a military base with NO privacy outside our walls.  It has been HARD, and to say anything different would be a lie...and I try to be as honest as possible, because I love the Lord and want to honor Him.

Alas, we are nearing the overseas journey.  Another season ensues.

And seven years have almost passed.  Seven years since my our hearts would shatter to small bits and never be the same.  Ethan lived just over seven years, and he has been gone for almost as long as we had him here on earth.  And I will be shakes me to my core.  It sobers me.  It saddens me.  Memories are starting to fade...and I tear up and get really sad about that. And what about Evan???  He was just four when Brother passed away?  What about Evan's memories?

In the midst of moving, grief, grief upon grief, we are BLESSED.  God is good all of the time, and we are nothing without Him!!!  To Him be the glory!!!

In Loving Memory of Ethan Joshua Wallace