Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simplicity...A Visit out on the Prairie

For the past three years, I have read aloud the historical fiction of Laura Ingalls Wilder to Ethan and Evan.  Now it's obviously just Evan and I cuddling up on the couch to see where the covered wagon will take Laura and her family.  This is one of our favorite times of the day.  Evan absolutely loves the stories, and he has gained not only a lot of knowledge of how people lived over 100 years ago.  He is also learning positive character and virtue that is woven throughout each book Mrs. Wilder wrote.

Right now we are reading (we are almost finished) The Long Winter, which happens to be my favorite book thus far in the series!

We had the absolute privilege of taking a road trip up to the Dakotas and back down through Missouri, visiting three of the six Ingalls/Wilder sites!!!

Our first stop was near Independence, Kansas at the Little House on the Prairie Museum.

The book Little House on the Prairie is based upon the Ingalls Family living on this very site (please note the log cabin in the background is a replica), near the Sioux Indians, back in the 1870's.  Admission is free, and while the place is very small, we all enjoyed it!  Much of what seems to be native prairie grass surrounds the premises, and one can get the feel of perhaps what it was like out on that lonely prairie.  There is also a one room schoolhouse and tiny post office on the premises, as well the original hand dug well (that Pa dug).  To my surprise, inside an old farmhouse is a beautiful and well stocked souvenir shop!  Great prices and a great variety of all things Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Next time I will write about stop number two...De Smet, SD!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friends, I urge you to take a moment to email and/or call your two State Senators. The above link will get you where you need to go. Our parental rights are at stake. We should not be told how to raise our children. The more rights we give over to the government, the more freedom we lose. In essence, we could lose the right to homeschool and other such freedoms we enjoy if we DO NOT TAKE A STAND! Please take 5 minutes of your time to read, educate yourself, and take action! Thank you!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Update

Hey friends!

It's been quite some time since I have updated on here.  What a whirlwind it has been!

May came and went, and clearly, so did June.  How did that happen?

May entailed finishing up our first 6 weeks of First Grade, a dear friend from high school and her family visiting us, leaving on our long-awaited road trip to the Dakotas, and celebrating 10 years of Holy Matrimony!  We spent our 10th anniversary in De Smet, SD.  This is the town that Laura Ingalls Wilder (famous author of the Little House on the Prairie series) and her family first settled before any other people.  We were able to see her childhood homestead out on the prairie, and the famous surveyor's home they stayed in that written about in By the Shores of Silver Lake, as well as the home that her Pa built for Ma and Mary (her sister).  This was so fun and enjoyable!

June we were still on our vacation.  We spent a few days at Minot AFB, ND visiting dear friends and making memories (I even got a pedicure!).  June 5th was the second anniversary of Ethan's Heavenly Home-Going.  On that particular day we stayed very busy visiting Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Wall Drug, and the Badlands.  Overall it was a peaceful and tiring, but very busy and happy day.  It helped to not be at home but instead out enjoying God's creation.

The middle part of June entailed cleaning out closets and getting some sort of organization within my home.  I'm not done yet, but have accomplished a lot!  So if you are feeling down about your organization, all I can say is just do it and stick with it!  It's worth the time and effort!

The latter part of June entailed a special friend coming from LasVegas to visit us.  We had a great time hanging out and seeing some sites around San Antonio.  Little man has been battling a case of the hives from an allergic reaction to who knows what.  He is much better, though!

In a few days or weeks I hope to post pictures from the vacation we took, and to get back on schedule with writing more intentionally.

I hope this summer is finding you enjoying God's creation, and blessed.  Keep stayed and focused on Him!

In Christ,

Our Family at Little House on the Prairie Museum, Independence, KS.