Sunday, February 14, 2010

So What's the Crab All About???

At this point, I hope I've gotten someone out there in cyber-space world to stop and read my blog! :o) "Why the crab pictures?," you are probably pondering at the moment. Did we go "crabbing" somewhere out in the ocean? No. Did I go to a market and take a picture of these creatures? No.

Okay, let me give you another clue. Here is a view of Mt. Rainier from Ft. Lewis, WA. Please note, I cannot take credit for these pictures. I located them on a couple of free websites on the internet...photographer unknown. Anyway, do you still have no clue? Okay, well I will let you in on what's been going on over at the Wallace household the past week or so. We received exciting news that we are moving to Washington State in either July or August! This is exciting news for us, as we are more than welcome to the idea of no longer living in the Las Vegas area. We left San Antonio exactly 4 years ago, and though we've met a lot of wonderful people and God has blessed us more than words can's time to move on.
We will be in the Tacoma area, but we are unsure at this point if we will live in base, or if we will rent out in the suburbs until we find a home to purchase.
So why the crab pics? Well, we are huge fish eaters, and we are excited that we can actually go "crabbing" or whatever one calls it, once we've settled in WA. We have the huge market in Seattle at out disposal to buy some of the freshest fish ever, along with taking a day trip to Mt. Rainier. And that's just the beginning of the endless opportunities that WA will provide for our family.
We are stoked!!!


Angie said...

That is so exciting Shannon! I have family up in that area, and i love it up there. Congratulations!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Angie! We are so excited!! Where does your family live in WA?

Rachel said...

Very exciting news! That area is so nice. I hope y'all love it.

Jamie said...

Hi Shannon! I found your page from a link in one of the cub scout emails you sent out a few months back (my son was in the pack for a bit before my husband went TDY). I'm researching the possibility of homeschooling my children in the near future and it was a nice surprise to find your site, it's been very motivational. Congrats on the new assignment! I wish you all the best of luck!

Shannon said...

Jamie...please let me know if I can be of help if you have homeschooling questions! :o)


{ jamie } said...

Sounds exciting; I hope plans are progressing well for you!