Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Those Forgotten

Tonight as I was on Facebook, I realized something. There are others out there mourning the loss of Ethan besides his immediate family. The night of the accident, there were many of my husband's co-workers and friends around. There were others there too that knew Ethan--not well, but nonetheless they knew him. Unfortunately, many saw Ethan unconscious and CPR being performed. The Lord shielded Evan and I from seeing anything. We were in the restroom for a few minutes while Evan did his business. But my husband and well as many others saw Ethan unconscious. I'd like to ask for prayer for all of those that were affected by our tragedy. They are the forgotten, and they shouldn't be, because they deserve prayer too. It's just now that I've realized that others need some love too, and need God's favor. Please pray that hearts will be changed, decisions will be made for Christ.

Also keep in prayer our extended family--sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Also keep in prayer Ethan's friends that miss him, and my friends and Josh's friends that mourn alongside us.

Ethan didn't die in vain--he died to bring the lost to God. This I know in my heart. Ethan had an important purpose just as you and I do. Do not ever think for one second your life was a mistake. Do not ever think for one second that it's too late and you've made too many mistakes to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. He loves you just as much as he loves the drug addict on the corner.

We have to seek our God-given purpose and use it with our God-given strength...before it's too late. Thank you for the continued prayers.


lizziejoy said...

I read a comment on your fb about someone being reminded of Ethan because of wind chimes and it is so true. I hear them and I think of the blessing God entrusted your family with.
Every time Allie sees a rainbow, she is reminded of Ethan because the rainbow goes into Heaven where Ethan is and she is looking at the rainbow with him.
Thank you for your blog. It has touched my life.

loveanjel4! said...

Well said Shannon. The Apel family loves you!

Anonymous said...

Well spoken! Thinking of you and your family.