Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey Ya'll

Just wanted to say hi, and yes, I haven't blogged in a while.  I've written but haven't "published."  I suppose I am in my hermit hole and hiding out and choosing if and when I will share my deepest feelings. 

We are all doing well.  Two months ago we passed the one year anniversary of Ethan's journey to Heaven.  June 5th wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  But towards the end of June I had a rough time of it.  Grief makes no sense!

We were blessed by all of my military sisters with a very special June Box.  The box arrived just as we moved into our new home here in Texas.  We/I had a gift to open every day in the month of June.  Though I appreciate each and every gift, the thought, love, tears, etc. put into the June Box meant more than anything!  These are precious women who love the Lord, and know it is better to give than to receive.  They know that love is important to shower on others in their times of sorrow and need.  Besides the love I get and receive daily from my husband and my boys, and of course, Jesus, I have never before felt so loved and cared for in my life! 

The house is coming along, slowly but surely.  Though it's a nice home and on some land, we did and still do have quite a lot of clean up to do.  There was a lot of neglect of the property, so we have a long way to go before the yard/property will be where we want it to be in terms of having a garden, pruned trees, green grass (oh this drought!), landscaping, paved drive-way, etc.

Evan and I started back to school mid-June!  He is a Kindergartner!!!  He is growing up so fast, and what a little man he is, and oh how he has a heart for the Lord!  He reminds us a lot of Ethan, and that warms our hearts.  Evan is very good with numbers and science.  His favorite sit down work is doing his phonics workbook, his math, and mommy reading stories.  He loves his new, huge backyard!  Evan is always on the lookout for bugs, geckos, birds and nests, etc.  He truly is a nature lover.

Evan has also been enrolled at a swim school for going on almost 3 months, and he is doing so well.  Please be in prayer for him as he learns to float on his back.  He is afraid to be on his back, but I really think once he conquers this fear and masters floating on his back, he will excel very quickly!

Also, please be in prayer as we continue the search for a new home church.  It isn't easy, but I know God is faithful! 

And lastly, my dear husband made this cabinet for me from scrap wood!  Didn't he do such an awesome job?  I am decorating my house in antiques with a country/primitive theme!  It has been fun to start over and change the look of my home, and I have acquired some cute items while I lived in Washington, and from some dear friends.
Thanks for reading my long novel!  I hope you are all happy and blessed and doing well!


Cherishing My Days said...

NICE cabinet! Loved reading your update. Love you!

Kirsten said...

That cabinet is so cute! It takes me forever to get settled in all the way.

Amish Stories said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.