Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quilting is therapy...and a Giveaway

I have tried my hand at a few hobbies, but have decided that quilting and sewing are my new, and hopefully permanent, hobbies.  When walking a long road down the path of grief, it is, of course, most important to lean on the Lord.  But it's also good to find something to keep you busy and to get excited about.  For me that was completing my first rag quilt.  I haven't completed a "real" quilt that is bound, but I have completed that first rag quilt, and that lifted my spirits.  It gave me a sense of finishing something, and a hopeful outlook that perhaps I could use my new found talent to help and bless others!

Speaking of quilting, why not hop on over to http://blog.1choice4quilting.com/2011/08/new-fabric-giiveaway-with-3-lucky.html today?  They are having a spectacular giveaway, and who doesn't want fabric for free?  Times are tough for many, and money is very tight. Hop on over and enter to win and check out their sales.

Have a happy and blessed day!

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