Monday, March 3, 2014

Dreaming of Being on the Prairie Part 1

Howdy!  It's been a very long time since anything has been posted on here. And I'm not sorry! :)  You see, sometimes other things have to take a back burner (like blogging and social media) when you are just living life.  

The Lord gives us an allotted amount of time here on earth, and it's within the small diameter/sphere of influence of our lives (our family and close friends, whether it be blood relation of not) that our focus should be.

Evan standing by the wall that surrounds the historic town on Rothenberg, Germany.

Well, we've had quite the adventure for the past six months.  Some of which I will perhaps write about on another post in the future, Lord-willing.  The biggest event was going to Germany for a month, in which I will write more on later...but not today!

We visited Little House on the Prairie Museum near Independence, Kansas in May 2012.

Today I'm imagining that we are sort of like Little House on the Prairie.  Now don't get me wrong, much of what Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about has been romanticized on the television show (which I might add, we adore and love so much!).  And yes, I realize the television show is not accurate to the books.  However, it's loosely tied to the books, and is a clean, wholesome show we enjoy!

Ice covered our Hackberry tree in the early February ice storm we had.

So back to dreaming...well, it's cold again.  Winter came about 3PM this afternoon, and it's March 2nd!!!  The winds are howling outside.  I've lost track, but this is perhaps the 5th cold snap this winter, but I actually think there's been more.  As I type and Little House on the Prairie Season 1 is in the background, I can't help but dream of a little house of our own on the prairie.  

God has so very much so drawn my heart to nature.  Plant a seed.  You would be amazed the sheer joy you feel when they grow, and you have something to reap in a few weeks or months!  So....we have been knee deep in the garden, literally.  

If things survive this cold snap, we will have beets, potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, and garlic.  That's what we have planted thus far.  In the house, we have tomato plants and seedlings.  Now we need to get cucumber and squash started too, but we may just throw some seed into the garden and see what happens.  Of course, later on we will plant okra, pole and bush beans, radish, eggplant, summer and maybe winter squash, and put in tomato plants.  Oh, and of course, I cannot forget the musk and watermelons!

Oh!  And the garden is mulched! Weeds are minimal now, however, it does make planting a bit more challenging.  That was a project Evan and I took on back in October, and I might write about it later!  

Well, that's all I have for now, but it was nice dropping in here again to say hi!  This girl will continue dreaming about our homestead on the prairie!  Bye!


David N. Walker said...

We need more posts from you. And you need to install a "Like" button so we can show you our appreciation. God Bless.

Shannon Wallace said...

Thank you for the encouragement! God Bless you!