Sunday, March 30, 2014

Compassion and Love in Tragedy

Ethan sitting in Daddy's chair, age 4.
Right now I am overcome with much emotion as I bring to memory a special group of people. People that the Lord has gifted with a very special gift and ability.  Compassion.

I have to stop and thank the Lord right now for the absolutely amazing friends He has given to me! Seriously, I mean it!!!  Sometimes I just don't get it how I could have such wonderful friends.  And then I remember.  He--the Lord-- is good.

While I feel like all of my friends are compassionate folks, this special group I am recalling to memory are those who never knew Ethan.

The group who "met" him after he died because they were at the scene of the accident.

The group who befriended us after we PCS'd to Washington State.

The group who I've met since moving back to Texas.

The group whom I've met over the years via blogs.

You all will never know how much your love for Ethan and my family has not only touched our hearts, but it has brought smiles and hope to our hearts.

It's quite common for kind people to not mention your deceased child because it's either too hard for them, or it's awkward or they don't want to hurt the bereaved.  

It's not common for folks who never met your beloved child to love them so much and tell you how much they have impacted their lives.  

Ethan and Evan, 2009 at the San Diego Zoo.


Hillary said...

We can't wait to hang out with ya'll again!


David N. Walker said...

Christians are to be known by their fruits, and love is one of those fruits. Compassion flows from love just as naturally as a river flows downhill. You radiate compassion and love, as we all should.