Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Our first day of school was officially 10 Aug 09. We started early (well, if you are counting when public school begins) because...we can! Ethan was eager to learn, and mommy needed to just ditch the cold feet and hit the ground runnin'!!!

Well, I am posting two weeks later...sorry about that, but SCHOOL comes first nowadays! Our first week was such a blessing, and it's amazing how much the boys have learned already. Ethan's reading and mathematics skills are coming along quite nicely. :o)
Pictures of the boys: Ethan using his Math U See Manipulatives for the first time! Evan diligently making his peanut but
ter and apricot spread sandwich! Yes, the boys try to make their own lunches. It's life skills, a.k.a Home Economics!! WOW, isn't homeschooling grand?

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