Monday, August 24, 2009

A Homeschool Mom's Best Friend

Well, besides the love, strength, forgiveness, loyalty, grace and much more that Christ provides...I found a great new friend!!! You will laugh, because it's not a living thing. Yet it IS tangible. Introducing..........The Home Schooler's Journal.
This nifty spiral bound, soft cover book was purchased on for just $9.99. I read stellar reviews about this item from other purchaser's. I can tell you I use this everyday that we have school in session in our home. I record diligently what subjects were covered in detail, home much time was spent, etc. There are great calendars in the front of the book that help you plan out your year. I used a highlighting system to designate school days from holidays/no school days.
Like I've said before, this is my first year schooling my boys at home, and I have found this journal to be easy to use, yet thorough it what it offers. It's easily customizable to your particular needs. For my lesson plan book, I picked up a $1.00 book from the Target Dollar Spot section...whoohoo!!! It's great and a lot cheaper than other lesson planners you find at teacher supply stores.


Rachel said...

Nice looking new blog!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Rachel! I still need to pery it up a bit!!