Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Randomness

Thanksgiving, Ethan's Birthday, Christmas, and New Years Day have come and gone.  And you know what?  We survived it, though I'm not going to say without tears and heartache, but we did survive.  We had no idea what to expect, as no one does until you actually live that day or moment.  It (the holidays) were by every stretch of the mind, difficult, differet, somber, etc.  Through it all, Ethan's presence was with us--he was smiling down from heaven. :o)

Now we are in 2011, but as I've stated before, the turning over to a new calendar doesn't change things, make things "magically" change and start over brand new.  It's just a reminder that time keeps going by faster and faster despite the fact that you are still aching inside. 

There's not much new to update around here, but I think that's good.  Evan is overall doing well, though he has his moments still quite often (moments as in terribly missing Ethan).  He's enjoying the new family dog (more like a human, LOL) Peaty.  They go out even in the teens and 20 something degree weather and chase and atagonize one another.

Josh is busy with his work, his car hobby, being a great husband and father.  He is also taking up a wood-working hobby so that he can make me pretty stuff for our house.  It's good for him to keep busy.

I'm trying to teach myself how to sew and keep my mind preoccupied when it's not preoccupied with breaking up fights between Evan and Peaty (LOL).  Other than that, I'm kind of in my "cave" right now just processing the past almost seven months.

We as a family, found our new home church rather quickly.  We've been attending since late August, and we really feel welcome and loved.  It's quite different from our Las Vegas home church in that it's much, much smaller, and we sing hymns.  Oh how I love hymns! 

I thinks that's it for now.  This was a random post since it's almost 4am and I have insomnia.


Kirsten said...

Sending a huge hug from Alaska! I think about you often Shannon, hope and pray for your family to heal. I love reading your stories about Ethan, he truly is an amazing little boy.

JennInSeattle said...

We're a local homeschooling family with a 4 kids and another due soon. I saw a post from Missy on cmomb and just wanted to say Hi. :) Email any time, if you ever what to chat about homeschooling or kindergartners or life. :) Our kids are 1-7 and the oldest is going into second grade though I have another going into kindergarten this year. :)


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