Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writing About My Ethan--Late post

I thought that perhaps remembering some memories about Ethan would brighten the remainder of the evening, on this Mother's Day.  For those who never met Ethan, I am truly sad because he was quite the unique and kind little man.  He was so compassionate, loving, observant, moral, silly, eccentric, etc. 

Though right now my mind is a bit muddled and I can't think of a particular memory to write about, I will write about some of the things he did a lot.

One thing Ethan would do every single morning is wake up, go to the homeschool room, and read for about an hour ever morning!  This started at about 6AM!  He loved to read and couldn't read enough.  Both Josh and I have similar personalities in that we require a bit of "alone time" each day--you know, where you grab a book and read for a bit.  Ethan caught that habit by hereditary for sure.

Ethan loved to swing!  Just about everyday, he would either get on our swingset, or go to the park just behind our house, and swing, swing, swing!!  I often wondered what he was thinking as he swung back and forth, carefree and so peaceful.  Maybe that was his alone time with the Lord? 

And oh the love of trees!  Ethan just loved his trees!  With the help of his Sibley Tree Guide, he was determined to learn which trees were which, and everything about them.  Of course, that was challenging with most of his life being lived in the desert.  Any opportunity to get into nature and hike and see God's Creation, was like going to Disney for him.  That WAS his Disney. 

Speaking of hiking, we often went to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just outside of Las Vegas, and hiked as a family.  That child was fearless of heights!  For such a cautious and guarded child, all of his fears melted away once we arrived out there and began our hike.  We would hike challenging areas, and he just seemed so calm and sure of his footing, and he sure was!  He never slipped and fell once.

Ethan, I love you and miss you everyday.  It's hard to believe you've been with Jesus for almost an entire year.  THANK YOU JESUS, for holding us and giving us strength to continue!


Karol said...

Holding you close in prayer, knowing how much it hurts.

Anonymous said...


I prayed for you and your family this week. I had placed the anniversary for your sons passing in my phone to remind me. Sorry this is so late. I had a class all day today.
may the Lord give you and your family strength and grace!
I read your testimony a while back after seeing you on the HOD board.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That is so awesome that he would get up and read on his own like that, especially so early in the morning. :)

Keep remembering and keep writing. There is a measure of comfort in keeping record, not only of memories but of God's hand in your walk.