Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faith-Filled Fridays: Sowing Seeds

Okay, so I must confess it's actually Thursday evening.  I normally write my posts on the actual day they are published, but I will be super busy tomorrow, and a God moment just happened a bit ago, so I must share.

I want to first, preface this post by letting you know I am not the most godly parent in the world, nor do I do everything the way God would have me to do.  What happened today is NOT's Him!

Josh told Evan that he could watch a bit of Curious George on Netflix since he was well-behaved today.  Before turning on the TV, Evan opens up and hands me his Bible and says."Would you read to me from my Bible?  I want to be godly first, and then watch TV."  His book of choice from the Bible:  2 Samuel.  So instead of starting right in the middle of it, we started at the beginning of 1 Samuel.  A beautiful story that I can relate to when talking about Hannah, and her grief and agony of not being able to conceive.  However, big difference between she and I...I've been blessed with two wonderful boys, and she had never been pregnant.  Right now I am quite happy and content with my two, even if one is with Jesus.

Sometimes my child blows me away, and melts my heart and also helps me to be a better child of God.  It got me to thinking about how often do I get on the computer, and neglect His Word?  You see, we need our daily bread of Him, not tangible food, but more of Him!  We need less distractions in this world.  If we aren't doing something that glorifies the Lord, or that is bringing us in closer relationship with Him, then why do it at all?  Of course, we all have our hobbies, and those are good things.  But could we take our sewing and quilting (my hobby of choice) and use that skill for others?  We absolutely can!

Hubby, Evan and Peaty posing with Evan's Key Lime Tree.
As I close out this post, I am praying for all of my readers to hunger and thirst for Him, and to choose spending more time with Him.  If a child can, why can't we?  {Note:  this was written more for myself, but of course, I hope it has blessed you too!}

Let me leave you with a picture of hubby, Evan and Peaty with the newest member of our tree family:  Mr. Key Lime!

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