Friday, January 11, 2013

Jesus in Disguise

Yesterday, after soccer in the morning and a few errands, it was time for lunch.  We headed to a sandwich shop called Which Wich to grab a to-go order for Evan, my mother-in-law, and myself.  We were going to take my MIL lunch and join here at her place of employment.  

While there, we were blessed.  It's not the big things in life, like winning a sum of money or such, but rather, the kind gesture that reminds you that, YES, there is one God--our Lord and Saviour--and He is good always!

While in sort of a line (it was rather people staring at the menu and blank paper bags, figuring our HOW to order their sandwiches!), two middle-aged men entered the store.  Evan and I were still figuring out what we wanted to eat, and we started to chat with the two gentleman...not uncommon for us.  We just like to chit chat and make the time go by when we are waiting, and well, Evan and I are both extroverts at times.  Anyway, one of the two gentleman asked Evan if he was homeschooled, and Evan said,"Yes."  He went on to say that his sister homeschooled her 8 children, 1 of which is special needs.  We chatted a while longer, and he told me,"Whatever you and your son want, it's on me."  I told him,"Oh no, you don't have to do that."  And he said,"You guys have good personalities, and I like that in people.  I'll buy your lunch."  

First of all, I was blown away!  This man, who had no idea who Evan and I are, decided to bless us!  That small act of kindness BLESSED my heart beyond belief!!!  To Evan and I, he was Jesus in "disguise" in a sense, because he was kind to a stranger.  He spared his money to buy for someone he didn't know, and quite frankly, he could have spent that money on himself...but he chose to bless others.

Dear sir, I do not know you, but if you somehow stumble across this post, THANK YOU for blessing our hearts!!!  


Tesha said...

WOW what a blessing! I am sure you were Jesus in disguise to him also!:)Hope you are doing good sweet lady. I have been thinking of you as it will soon be a year and I have not conceived a rainbow baby. I am wondering if I will ever? Anyway I was think about how long you have wanted to add to your family also. Just wanted you to know I am praying fro you! You never know this year baby blessing could be just around the corner!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

What a kind and encouraging thing to do! And you know what is even better than a free lunch? That Evan was able to see kindness and generosity in action. I love real life examples like that!